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Parents Take Action to End Rape on Campus

We're here to support parents and guardians whose children have experienced school sexual violence by offering a safe space to talk about trauma and by sharing our knowledge, experiences, and information with others. 


We are:

A grassroots group of parents whose children are survivors and victims of campus sexual assaults

Accutely aware marginalized communities are disproportionately affected by sexual violence and are often not included in the conversation around sexual violence.


Support each other by sharing our experiences and knowledge gained in navigating the maze of campus administrations, criminal justice systems, and other resources.

Give you (the parent or guardian) the opportunity to speak with others who have experienced the trauma of their child’s sexual assault.

Provide information from our experiences as parents of survivors, so that other parents may have a practical guide - a roadmap to support their survivor children through the process.

Offer private consultation by parents for parents who seek support as they grapple with their children’s campus sexual assaults.

If your child is the survivor or victim of a campus sexual assault, please reach out to us right now. We are here to help. All conversations are completely confidential to the extent allowable by law or if subpoenaed by a court.

We have no political or religious affiliation. This website and all other communicaitons from PTA-EROC are not subsitutes for legal or medical advice. PTA-EROC is a volunteer organization and we are not lawyers or mental health professionals. 

End rape, sexual assault, help, family, care

Your Child's Rights

Students have the right to a safe education free from harassment, discrimination, and violence. We can help you understand the laws that guarantee these rights by walking you through them.

Sexual assault, help, survivor, family, listen

Help For Your Child

Honoring their choices and decision-making while fostering their safety and healing.

Sexual assault, help, parents, family, support

Help For Parents

Common reactions, coping and self-care strategies while respecting your child’s needs.

Sexual assault, take action, survivor, civil, criminal

Take Action

Understanding the processes, and identifying your options and resources.


Parents Take Action to End Rape On Campus

Call us at 877-PTA-EROC (877-782-3762)

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